BI Tools

The growing need for innovative and highly functional designs for websites has raised the bar of challenge for web developers with the demands of today’s evolving technology and trends. We have maintained our stride in this discipline strong and steady, giving the distinct advantage of our capability in web development, with a team that has strong skills in website functionality assessment and design, troubleshooting and web programming.

We hold the capability to undertake UI design and development tasks in a range of projects, including very high profile projects, that are also the most demanding. Our UI team has some of the brightest developers who are experts at choosing the most apt tools and technology for a project and works with best practices that improves performance, stability and website’s functional quality. Our team is adept at suggesting appropriate UI frameworks and controls, and designing and developing web applications based upon specific requirements.

Our prowess in Tableau combined with expertise in Business Intelligence and Windows/application Administration guides businesses through their data, making it easy to understand and rely on for laying out business plans at multiple levels. The reports we prepare in Tableau are highly recommended for effortless comprehension of business scenarios. With a team that excels in database administration, it makes us highly valuable professionals who can handle complex SQL codes along with Tableau platform technologies to design and implement production-ready solutions and create advanced BI visualizations.

In the purview of Tableau application, our team designs, develops and deploys Tableau executive and operational dashboards for business. The client business gets their large data perfectly analyzed and get effective visualization solutions in the form of elaborate and accurate report presentations.

In view of applying newer Agile and Lean approaches to operations work in businesses, we serve them with DevOps solutions, which brings about a rapid process of operations delivery that collaborates different teams like software developers, IT implementation team and testing & analysis team to realize the purpose of fast rollout of software solutions and infrastructure upgrades. Laying the base for a new culture of faster implementation and better collaboration, we deliver perfect procedure at all 7 stages of DevOps implementation ie. coding, system integration, testing, pre-deployment staging, product release, Infrastructure configuration and management and performance monitoring.